Hi, I'm Erika

Your Wedding, Engagement, Senior and Family Photographer

Let me introduce myself - my name is Erika Blackwell. Born and raised in Nothern Michigan. I really love to be creative and capture my clients being themselves. I have a real talent making people feel comfortable in most any setting. I like to have fun but have no problem with giving direction. Sometimes you just don't know where to put your hands. My biggest goal within my whole business is to make sure you have the best experience from the inquiry process until after you receive your gallery of images.

Timeless Style

When you think about different trends a lot of them go out of style. Don't get me wrong I would once edit my photos with whatever was "in" at the time. After years of finding myself and how I wanted my photography to look I have since developed a timeless style. I've taken the time to think about how the orange skin tones and blown out colors will look in the future.

Almost 2 Decades of Experience

I photographed my first senior session in 2004 and first wedding in 2005. Since then, I have lost count how many wonderful clients I have worked with. You name it I've probably seen it or helped to problem solve it. I use tips and tricks that I have developed over the years to give my clients the best and easiest experience.